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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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. jude logo. coming up on "early today," isis in america, arrests made but the fbi says americans are radicalizing in all 50 states. president obama gets tough with congress. >> instead of trying to hold hostage funding for the department of homeland security which is so important for our national security, fund that and let's get on with actually passing comprehensive immigration reform. >> and back to winter's wrath. with more historic southern snow from texas to the atlantic ocean and up through virginia. and a massive pileup involving over 75 vehicles. then to what could be the perfect coffee cup. one you can actually eat. plus a big warning for soda
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drinkers. and what happened after this homeless man lent a helping hand that has everybody talking. it's thursday february 26th "early today" starts now. good morning, i'm frances rivera. right now a fright think new warning in the fight against isis. fbi made it clear in a speech to the attorney general. >> i have home grown violence extremist investigations in every single state. investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing. this isn't a new york phenomenon or washington phenomenon this is all 50 states and in ways that are very hard to see. the warning comes as three suspected isis wannabes are arrested on u.s. soil. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams with what they were allegedly willing to do. >> reporter: at new york's kennedy airport fbi agents arrest add brooklyn man they said was headed overseas to join isis fighters.
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they accuse him of plotting with another brooklyn man to get to syria through turkey. authorities say if the men couldn't get there, they talked of staging attacks here. perhaps planting a bomb at coney island or even trying to kill president obama or the police. >> it was made quite plain, based on their own statements that if they were not able to go that they would seek to acquire weapons here handguns machine guns and seek to attack very specifically police officers. >> reporter: the fbi says the case began last august when he asked on a uzbeki website if he would be a martyr if he would shoot obama to strike fear in the hearts of infidels. investigators say even after he admitted posting that message when fbi agents questioned him in august he kept right on planning. the fbi said he e-mailed an isis supporter overseas about his parents saying i need to sneak out of here with extreme caution
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without being noticed by them. the fbi says he was under close surveillance in brooklyn meeting with someone he did not was an undercover informant. >> they really make us question the approach federal government takes to young muslim men in america. >> reporter: prosecutors say a third man raised money to help the other two pay for their plane tickets. >> those people exist in every state. >> that was nbc news justice correspondent pete williams reporting. terror risk at a crucial time lawmakers have one day to figure out how to fund homeland security. nbc's tracie potts live in washington. tracie the senate could vote on a plan today which is what the house has been waiting for. >> reporter: exactly. but is it going to be the same plan the house is willing to approve? that is the key question. if not, they can't get this on the president's desk in time by midnight tomorrow and we could be looking at a homeland security shutdown affecting 230,000 employees, most of home by the way, would have to stay
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on the job without pay. so they are still doing a lot of back and forth behind the scenes here and getting a lot of pressure from around the country including new york. you just talked about those two arrests. the new york police commissioner is telling lawmakers they need to get this done. >> with all that's going on in washington at the moment the debate about withholding of funding for homeland security this is not the time to engage in activities that would threaten our counter-terrorism capabilities and effectively to hold our counter-terrorism agencies hostage to political machinations. >> reporter: president obama put it that way, too, as a latino forum holding the money hostage. the issue was immigration, whether the president will back off his orders allowing millions of undocumented immigrants to stay in this country. the president said he'll do just the opposite push for more immigration reform. we're waiting to see if they
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will meet their deadline tomorrow. >> the ticking of the clock is getting louder as we speak. tracie potts, thank you. as large parts of the eastern seaboard remaple encased in ice this morning we have a massive pileup to show you in bangor, maine. police are absolutely shocked there were no fatalities yesterday. it started as an initial crash involving 25 vehicles on slick roads. that numbered trip he would to 75. some crashed into each other, others veered off the road to avoid collisions. seventeen people went to the hospital. 50 vehicles needed to be towed away. president obama defending his immigration policy. jose today's balart host of telemundo and msnbc for a town hall meeting. president obama had this message for republican leaders trying to undo his executive actions. >> if mr. mcconnell the leader of the senate and the speaker of
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the house john boehner want to have a vote on whether what i'm doing is legal or not, they can have that vote. i will veto that vote because i'm actually confident that what we're doing is the right thing to do. >> at one point president obama challenged potential 2016 front-runner jeb bush to do more to pass immigration reform. >> i appreciate mr. bush being concerned about immigration reform. i would suggest that what he do is talk to the speaker of the house and the members of his party. because the fact of the matter is that even after we pass bipartisan legislation in the senate i gave the republicans a year and a half -- a year and a half to just call the bill. we had the votes. they wouldn't do it. >> the rnc tweeted, "obama was against his immigration action before he was for it said at
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least 25 times he didn't have the authority." all right. you may be tired of winter but one dog from alabama enjoying the cold here while she can. this pup is lulu from alabama, got to play in the snow after several inches fell in her hometown. in georgia some of the students there at the university look what they did, a little fun on the snow day. a group filmed themselves jumping into the pool with the frigid temperatures. that video on twitter. freezing looking at them but you know they had a great time. more on the weather, meteorologist bill karins. >> why does everyone love snow dogs animals, it's just fun to play in it. >> we're over it. right? >> if you dealt with it more than a couple of days you're over it. the snow in the south is historic. once in generational snow in areas like alabama, grant had 11 inches in alabama. that's incredible. huntsville tupelo top three all-time single day snow event, seven and eight inches. raleigh and charlotte didn't get
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quite as much. but areas around richmond washington, d.c., it's snowing out there this morning. see on the map all done in raleigh and carolinas. another couple of inches here maryland and delaware enough snow they will have to shovel as they go through the the morning hours there. cold relentless arctic flow in the north. brutal windchills and temperatures right into the beginning of march unfortunately. some areas like syracuse, new york, haven't gone above freezing in 26 days. imagine that 26 days in a row without a break in freezing. no snow melt no ice melt. in the northwest, there will be showers today especially in the mountains. the cities themselves seattle lso how dry it's going to be in central
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california. a little chance of a weather pattern change into march. looks like we may get more storminess into the wes and hopefully rain where we need it. >> rain. bill thank you so much. considering something so bold it may actually save lives. plus a new study that anyone who drinks soda will want to hear. you're watching "early today." i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget. uh-oh. the name your price tool. she's not to be trusted. kill her. flo: it will save you money! the name your price tool isn't witchcraft! and i didn't turn your daughter into a rooster. she just looks like that. burn the witch! the name your price tool a dangerously progressive idea. we used to have so many empty rolls! mom! that's why we switched to charmin ultra mega roll. charmin ultra mega roll is 75% more absorbent so you can use less with every go. plus it even lasts longer than the leading thousand sheet brand. charmin ultra mega roll.
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i'm going to share a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up. that's so interesting honey because i'm going to share a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up. (whispers) l'eggo my eggo anncr: golden crispy, warm and fluffy eggo waffles. l'eggo my eggo. washington, d.c. has official ly officially grown pot, that's how they want it. it's legal to grow and smoke marijuana but not for sale. battle in d.c. mayor's not over. congressman at the oversight committee said the mayor's ballot initiative is illegal. three years ago today 17-year-old trayvon martin shot and killed by volunteer neighborhood watchman heading
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home from a convenience store. they will not be filing civil rights charges against george zimmerman citing insufficient evidence. martin's parents have this reaction to the decision. >> disappointed greatly. like i said it didn't surprise us as all. >> of course we were devastated by the decision not to charge the murderer of our son. i think that our push now is going to be that much more harder. we're going to go out and try to educate our communities, our young kids the young adults more on the laws that apply to us, how they apply to us. >> in 2013 zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder in martin's death. the jury also found him not guilty of the lesser charges of manslaughter. zimmerman said he acted in self-defense. the sheriff's deputy seen dragging this handcuffed and
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shackled inmate is on restricted duty. the inmate's mother said it's not enough punishment. her daughter had just been declared mentally incompetent by a judge. the deputy sheriff said she was unruly disruptive and would not move. facebook is trying to curb suicide rates. the new feature allows friends to flag facebook posts that seem alarming. the facebook will send a message to the suicidal friend with suicide prevention resources. al roker set a record for the long ebroadcast. these students in iowa are trying to beat his record of 41 hours. they started at 3:00 p.m. on tuesday and will go until 10:00 morning. so that's a total of 43 hours. well al who is always a good sport, took to twitter to wish the students good luck. you may think twice before you pick up your next can of soda. a new study found the caramel coloring in many popular soft drinks can increase the chances of cancer.
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researchers say a chemical that creates artificial color could cause cancer. the study found the ingredient in more than 11 different soft drinks. >> announcer: "early today" brought to you by vagisil, experts in intimate health. time to get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning to you. united airlines are warning pilots to concentrate or safety procedures. near hits and misses in a bulletin last month including one incident where pilots had to perform a pullup maneuver to avoid a crash. kfc rolling out a new taste sensation for your coffee edible cuff wafer paper. stocks on new highs after dow closed at record highs. nasdaq close to 5,000 mark a level it hasn't reached since
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up next on the "today's"
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show a "today" skluch zelda williams talks about how she's coping after the legendary comedian's death. in sports fourth ranked duke avoids an upset in overtime. okafor scored career best 40 points, led blue devils to 91-86 win over virginia tech. top ranked kentucky is 28-0 following 74-56 rout on mississippi state. this the second longest winning streak in history, a run from 1953 to 1955. well deserved. tempers flair on the ice division rivalry. midway a melee breaks out between penguins and capitals. it eventually settled. the penguins went on to win 4-3 to avoid a season sweep. a couple of nfl veterans get the boot. lions released running back reggie bush packers cut a.j.
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hawk after nine years. for your ahh moment of the morning in sports. stef curry got kfrtdable with the president's dog bo and sunny during his white house visit. can check out the cover giancarlo stanton. anything weird? he put that shirt on with paint. the jersey is painted on the sleeve as well. the first body painted cover for the mag. just signed 13-year, $325 million deal the richest in sports history. he posed without a shirt on technically. just ahead you never know when he'll pop up the mysterious man helping snow stuck drivers. lindsay lohan's new legal problem, what it means for her probation. you're watching "early today."
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4:22 am coming home. ask if enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists, can help you stop joint damage. welcome back. we are watching a big storm in the east. for once we've got a little stormy weather coming into the west. the storm itself is up along british columbia coastline. as that comes down gulf moisture through the coastal areas. notice about 4:00 this afternoon, a pretty good batch of rain skipped over i-5. most part southern portion of the cascades. probably will see in the olympics too, shower-type weather. as we go through the overnight tomorrow storms over the northwest, we'll see colder air with it. we'll get the snow levels
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dropping a little bit. again, we don't get a lot of rain out of this but just enough. keep it cloudy cooler. a slow change to weather pattern. >> umbrella worthy? >> yes. >> there you have it. thank you, bill. in entertainment news actress lindsay lohan has been ordered to redo 125 hours of community service. a judge ruled lohan improperly received credit for appearing in a london stage play. the community service stemmed from 2012 reckless driving when lohan crashed into a dumptruck on california's pacific coast highway. did you see this one? madonna at brit awards and to stumble on the cape. one of the back-up dancers tried to pull it off of her but ended up knocking her over. fortunately the pop diva recovered and was able to finish her set. lady gaga will be joining the cast of "american horror story." she revealed the new season's name which is going to be "hotel."
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she tweeted the message, "make your reservation now." >> wonder what she'll do. >> kind of cool. i can see it happening. jimmy fallon has fun with the newest edition of celebrity whisperers. >> what is this called again? tuxedo? >> tuxedo. >> i feel so proper. >> well tuxedo torpedo, home depot in toledo. >> just rhyming stuff. >> yes. do you want to do angry raccoon sound? yes. >> can you do that? can you mute something and figure out what people are saying? >> not in a million years. i'm not even sure -- i've not met anyone that can read lips. it's like a unicorn. >> it's a profession. i'm sure you're out there. this is frances rivera. this is "early today." yes, there are professionals. ave you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...?
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"today," former police chief said jonbenet ramsey case was mishandled. she was found dead in the basement of her colorado home in 1996. the former bolder, colorado police chief now acknowledges his officers mishandled the probe. the local district attorney's interfered in the investigation. from koaa in colorado springs, homeless man gets job offer. go fund me page after good deed. this weekend he spent three hours helping drivers push stuck cars out of the snow. his good deeds seem to have gone viral. some donated food and offered him a job. another person created this
4:27 am
go fund me page. from forbes mind-controlled drones. scientists work on ground breaking flight. a company said this created a special cap that measured a pilot's brain activity allowing pilots to fly drones with their minds. >> what if they have like a different thought in the middle of the flight. crash? >> i can use a candy bar right now? a little dangerous. "washington post" donald trump says he's serious about 2016 bid, hiring staff and delaying his "celebrity apprentice" gig. he told the post he's more serious than ever about running for the white house. he said, quote, i'm not doing this for enjoyment. i'm doing this because the country is in serious trouble. boston is digging out after several recent snowstorms. the city will begin removing space savers. those are items used to mark off parking spaces residents have shoveled out of. caused a stir but the mayor of boston said if you spend hours digging out your parking space,
4:28 am
you should have access to that space for a reasonable time period. i'm asking residents to remain respectful of their neighbors and their property. people there take parking spots seriously. one parking dispute ended up with what resulted in smashed windows. the message, "not okay." i was in boston for many many years. it is an honor system and it is serious business. >> it's not your right you shoveled out to get your car out. somebody has a chance to pull in. >> i've seen ironing boards save space. >> watching them fight over the space is the entertaining part. veterans affairs on the agenda senate committee will hold discussion on 2016 budget. among those discussing bob mcdonald. pro football player marshall faulk 42 singer badu 44. singer songwriter michael bolton turns 62 years old.
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i'm frances rivera. this is "early today."
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anybody taking it across that bridge this morning? a live look outside. a beautiful bay bridge. it's thursday february 26th. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning. it's 4:30. i'm sam brock.


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